Ruckus – ZoneDirector Setup Guide

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Ruckus – ZoneDirector Setup Guide


Ruckus – ZoneDirector Setup Guide

How to set up a captive portal with Ruckus/ZoneDirector

Follow these steps to get set up:


You will need:

  • Access to the Ruckus/ZoneDirector controller
  • A splash page already created in your Fydelia account using the Ruckus/ZoneDirector form


Controller settings:

1. In SERVER open SYSTEM SETTING, scroll down to “network settings”

  • Enable the Northbound Interface
  • Set a northbound secret, which will be used later on the splash page
  • Note: no username required for API (For SmartZone there is no user name required but if it is its API)

Create a role

Enter Services & Profiles


Create a user

Enter Services & Profiles


Radius user used by Splash page needs to be set up as localDB user (On ZD you cannot create a user, you will need to select, a local database under the HotSpot Services Options)

(HotSpot Services) This is where you will configure the HotSpot settings (Set the Authentication/Accounting Servers, and add the Fydelia link to the Wall Garden, smart client support set to none) for the WLAN to use.

2. Make sure to enable Wireless client isolation:

3. Please ensure that the Wall Garden is populated otherwise the clients won’t be able to see the page.

Walled garden

WLAN Usages

NOTE:You will need to add the northbound secret to your Fydelia splash page

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