Generating free voucher codes

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Generating free voucher codes


Generating free voucher codes

Fydelia allows you to generate and print customised, branded voucher codes such as this:


They can be downloaded anytime onto PDF or even printed onto Avery 5363 which, for example, allows a hotel receptionist to stick them to the back of keycard folders.

With Fydelia vouchers you can:

  • Limit the number of devices that can use one code
  • Set specific durations for the code
  • Fully customizse the logo and text

Generating vouchers

From the PORTAL screen click Manage Vouchers:




You will be presented with the following popup:

PrefixSome text of your choice to show before the voucher code.  Very useful if you have created different batches of vouchers and need to remember which vouchers are for which durations, for example.
Use Short 6-digitVoucher codes can be unwieldy.  Choose this option to generate unique numeric PIN numbers
Expiration timeThis is the length of session time that the voucher will give the guest, before they are sent back to the Fydelia login page.  It starts counting from when the voucher is redeemed, not when generated.
Number of vouchersFydelia limits to 5000 to prevent unwanted mistakes of generating too many.  On the Plasma platform these may be limited further.
Number of devicesThe number of devices (unique MAC addresses) allowed to redeem this device. Leave blank for infinite.  Note: all devices on a voucher will align to the same expiration time, triggered by the first redemption.
ScopeYou can limit the vouchers to a specific splash page (which may relate to a venue, or even a specific area of a venue) or allow them to be used on any page under your account.

Click GENERATE and you will see, in this example, that there are now 10 vouchers ready to be downloaded.  


Downloading vouchers

Click Download unused as PDF, and you will be greeted with a customisation screen:


All settings will be remembered for the next time.  Let’s go through the various options:

URL to logo imageThe URL to use for the voucher label (Optional)
Note that this is used by the Fydelia system and does not need to be in your walled garden settings.
Greeting textCustomisable text on the voucher label
Border colourSet the colour of the pixel border around the edge.  
Number of vouchersYou don’t have to export all your vouchers in one go. 
ScopeDownload vouchers that were generated for all splash pages, or for specific ones under your account.
Expiration timeChoose which generated vouchers should be downloaded for the given expiration time

Click EXPORT and your vouchers will be downloaded to your browser.

NOTE: Fydelia will always ignore used vouchers when downloading, so you can download a fresh set any time.

Using voucher codes on your splash page

Check our article on enabling vouchers on your Fydelia splash page here: Using free vouchers in your Fydelia splash page

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