Cambium – Setup guide

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Cambium – Setup guide


Cambium – Setup guide

How to configure your splash page to authenticate guests onto your Cambium cnMaestro

With Cambium, guests are sent to the Fydelia server and the redirect includes all Cambium parameters required by Fydelia.  In fact, for this reason, there is no configuration required at all on the Fydelia splash page side.  


You will need:

  • Admin access to your Cambium cnMaestro cloud administration panel
  • Access to your Fydelia account
  • The full URL of your splash page from Fydelia


1. Under WLAN settings, Enable Guest access, set the policy to Clickthrough and AP Server Protocol to HTTPS

2. Set External Page URL to your splash page URL and External Portal Type to Standard

  • Leave Redirect Hostname empty. If it does not work, enter

3. Add to the Whitelist

4. Click Save 

5. Assign WLAN to the AP group

6. Click Save

7. You’re all set

Your guests will now be redirected to your splash page in Fydelia

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