Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you support digital scratch cards and other gamification features?

Yes, with Fydelia you can create custom games such as Scratch cards, puzzle games, prize draws and much more. Offering rewards to guests in this format is fun, engaging and naturally increases both data quality and opt-in rates

Can you integrate with Google Reviews or TripAdvisor?

Yes, you can set Fydelia to reach out to guests after their visit and ask for a starred review. If they give 5 stars Fydelia will encourage them to leave a public review on Google or TripAdvisor, whichever you prefer.

What is the pricing?

We do not count access points, rooms etc. In addition, our pricing is not based on usage metering. That makes pricing very simple.
We will soon be publishing RRP for the various venue types, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, event spaces etc.

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Are emails validated?

Yes, there is an option to enable strict email checking right down to the inbox level, without the guest having to verify anything.

Is there any metered usage or counting of access points?

No. We charge per-venue and apply large discounts for larger estates. Contact us for more information

What hardware do you support?

We support:

  • Aerohive *NEW!
  • Aruba built-in and Aruba InstantOn
  • Cisco Aironet/Mobility Express
  • Cisco Meraki
  • D-Link Nuclias *NEW!
  • DrayTek Vigor *NEW!
  • EnGenius / EZMaster *NEW!
  • MikroTik Routerboard
  • OpenMesh Cloudtrax
  • PepLink
  • PlasmaCloud
  • Ruckus SmartZone / Virtual SZ
  • Ruckus Unleashed
  • Ruckus Zone Director
  • SonicWall
  • tp-link Omada OC series and Omada Online
  • Ubiquiti (all) including UniFi Cloud, UDM Pro and CloudKey Gen1/Gen2
  • Xirrus *NEW!
  • Zyxel Nebula*NEW!

We can add any other type of hardware too, provided that it supports “External Captive Portal” mode.

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How quickly can I get a splash page ready?

If you would like us to create one based on your website it can be done usually within an hour or two.
Just choose FREE DEMO at the top of the page or contact us at

Can you make some custom changes to the splash pages?

Yes of course. We will discuss them with you and quote, based on £45/hr for any work required.

Can I add custom fields to my splash pages?

Fydelia already supports many, such as reason for visit lists, date of birth and so on.

Custom fields can be agreed, based on £45/hr for any work required.

Can I integrate with a live feed to my CRM?

Yes Fydelia can automatically send WiFi users into your email marketing platforms, such as Bloomreach, Airship, SevenRooms, Talkbox, Stampede, Mailchimp and many more. Contact us for more details.


What type of personal information does Fydelia collect?

Only if user allows us to, we collect header response and personal data such as name and email address. Data is encrypted and hosted in the UK, not communicated to any third party.

Is Fydelia fully GDPR compliant?

Yes, both data collection and data management systems operate under GDPR’s requirements.