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Marketing Automation is the key

No doubt you already have some kind of WiFi solution and probably spend time segmenting the marketing data you get. DotMailer, Mailchimp, they are all great but fairly demanding in terms of getting it all set up. You have a large email database, but which of them are your frequent visitors? Which customers haven’t you seen lately? Do they have birthdays coming up? That’s a lot of analysis and your marketing team could definitely use […]

Fydelia services go free

Over the last 3 years Fydelia has enjoyed phenomenal success with rapid growth in to Europe, USA and Australia. However given the current economic landscape carved by COVID-19, it is clear that the Hospitality and F&B industry sectors are suffering.  We already saw a drop of 22.2% on restaurant attendance during Febuary, yet the fact that this has only really begin to bite, and that the worst is yet to come.   With the UK Government […]