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Cambium – Setup guide

How to configure your splash page to authenticate guests onto your Cambium cnMaestro With Cambium, guests are sent to the Fydelia server and the redirect includes all Cambium parameters required by Fydelia.  In fact, for this reason, there is no configuration required at all on the Fydelia splash page side.   Preparation You will need: Setup 1. Under WLAN settings, Enable Guest access, set the policy to Clickthrough and AP Server Protocol to HTTPS 2. Set […]

Walled Garden and Firewall IP settings

In some cases you may need to update your walled garden and firewall settings. Here’s what you need to know… Walled Garden In order to allow some systems, such as Cisco Meraki, to be able to redirect the guest out to the Fydelia splash page, you will need to add walled garden settings. NOTE: If you use domain-based walled gardens, you don’t need the IP addresses. You will just need to ensure you add: […]

UniFi Hotspot Manager

If you are running version 7.4 or above of the UniFi Network Controller that uses the hotspot manager, the Guest control option is no longer available. Instead, follow these steps to set up guest control: Click the Hotspot Manager icon: Choose “Landing Page”: Under Authentication choose External Portal Server: Under “Settings” Ensure you have the following: Your settings will have saved automatically.

Enabling your splash page on your UniFi network

In this article we will add a new site to a UniFi controller and enable a Fydelia guest splash page as an external captive portal. PREREQUISITES You can follow this guide using a “” access to your controller, for making the necessary changes  You will need to be able to provide the Fydelia configuration with an external URL to your controller.  Using a “” URL will not work.  For example: This is because Fydelia needs to […]

Configuring your UniFi Splash page

How to configure your splash page to authenticate guests onto your UniFi Controller With UniFI, guests are sent to the Fydelia server and the redirect includes the UniFi site ID.  This ID is used by Fydelia to determine which splash page to show (since UniFi does not allow full URL redirects).  Follow these steps to configure your splash page to receive guest redirects from your controller. Preparation You will need: A configured UniFi Controller which […]

UniFiOS captive portal splash page setup

Create a guest profile In Profiles, set the following: Further down this page, set the following: NOTE: Do not enable “Encrypted redirect URL” since this will prevent Fydelia from being able to log on a specific device. Creating the WiFi Network Under WiFi add a new network.  Ignore the password warning for now.  That will disappear when we set the security type later Further down under “Security” set the following: This completes the UniFi settings.  […]