Hotel WiFi Features

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Hotel WiFi Features


Hotel WiFi Features

Hotel WiFi requirements differ from the more common needs of restaurants and bars.  Fydelia offers solutions to cater for these differences in the following ways:

Simplified pricing

Fydelia does not calculate charges per access point or on a per-room basis.  Instead we prefer fixed per-venue pricing with rates that fit your budget.  Additional areas such as bars, restaurants, games spaces, spas and so on are all included under one single fee charged monthly or with discounts on quarterly and yearly.

Zoned Multi-page

Hotels often require a different splash page experience based on the zone/area of the hotel.  “Welcome to the bar”, “Welcome to the restaurant” and so on,

Fydelia supports this without any additional fees.


Support international travellers by creating a microsite of WiFi login pages, providing translated pages for any number of languages, including right-to-left

Timed content

Fydelia allows you to change the splash page shown based on a calendar setting.  You can for example run a jazz evening campaign at breakfast in the bar, to entice guests to an event. 


Print out Avery-compatible passcodes which can stick onto the back of keycards, for private room access.  This is often required so that guests can take advantage of premium performance compared to the more public areas.  Emails can still optionally be captured, ensuring that you are able to follow up with marketing to the guest’s actual email, and not an anonymous email coming from the booking platform.


Include a brief, fully customisable survey before the user signs in to WiFi, to collect a little more information about your guests

Scratch cards, puzzles and more

Delight your guests with optional engaging features such as scratch card promotions, to encourage your guests to your bars and restaurants.  It will also encourage their friends and colleagues to also sign up to WiFi to take advantage of current offers


If you use RezLynx/GuestLine, you can provide a sign-in method only requiring surname and room number.  Fydelia will verify those credentials with your PMS

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