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Don’t steal data, ask for it

The Dark Art of Audience Segmentation Until now the underpinning method for audience building and segmenting is to simply capture as much data about customers as possible. It’s a dark art that, as we have now seen many times, can cause massive damage to a brand once those methods have been exposed. Since the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, customers are far more prudent as to what data they are willing to exchange in return for offers […]

Ubiquiti UniFi removes support for older devices

From 1st March 2021, Ubiquiti will no longer support some of their older devices. Therefore, when setting up your UniFi network, be sure that you’re purchasing their newer, supported devices:. The following devices are no longer supported: UAP-Outdoor UAP-Outdoor+ UAP-Pro UAP-IW UAP (v1+v2) UAP-LR (v1+v2) UAP-AC-EDU UAP-AC-IW-PRO According to the official Ubiquiti website: “These UniFi AP models will continue to be supported by network controllers that have not upgraded to versions released past the obsoletion […]