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External Captive Portal with Cisco Mobility Express

This guide was tested with a Cisco Aeronet AP1852E-K9 with Mobility Express 8.10.185 :

There are only a few steps in order to get your Fydelia OnDemand splash page working with Cisco Mobility Express:

ACL/Walled garden

In these steps we’ll create a new ACL entry for

Open Security Settings:

Click “Add new ACL”

Give it a name such as Fydelia

Click “Add URL Rules”

Enter with action “Permit”:

WLAN Settings

Under wireless settings choose WLANs

Create a new WLAN

Click WLAN Security and set the options as follows:


  • Guest network is enabled
  • Captive network assistant is enabled
  • Captive portal is set to “External splash page”
  • Captive portal URL is set to your Fydelia Ondemand Splash page (which is using the Mobility Express form)
  • Access type is set to “Web Consent”
  • ACL Name is set to the one created in the previous ACL/Walled Garden step

Guest redirection (optional)

The Fydelia splash page has the option for a “Continue URL” so this isn’t usually required.

However if you wish to override the Fydelia splash settings and redirect guests using Mobility Express settings:

  • go to Wirelss Settings -> Guest WLANs
  • Enter your preferred redirect URL:

On your Fydelia splash page be sure that you chose Cisco Mobility Express login form.

You’re all set!  You should now be able to login using your Fydelia splash page.

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