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Key Announcement for UniFi API Users: MFA – Multi Factor Authentication with Ubiquiti UniFi in July 2024

Summary The company Ubiquiti has made a major update to its authentication protocols, specifically for the UniFi controller and UniFi OS consoles. By July 2024, all UniFi cloud accounts will need to have Multi-Factor Authentication ( MFA ) enabled as an added security measure. Guest WiFi systems such as Fydelia will no longer work with MFA accounts and you will need to take action in order to avoid service disruption Background If you are a user of Ubiquiti’s services and have […]

Instant provision of a new account

You can instantly create a new trial subscription based on a clone of any other splash page in your accounts. In your splash page list, find any splash page that you want to clone and use as a basis for the new account. Hover the settings wheel and select the new “Clone to account” option: Enter your preferred account name (This is the name that you wish to appear in your accounts selector dropdown in […]

Piggy integration with Fydelia WiFi

Integration with your Piggy account could not be easier. Fydelia will: Follow these steps to get started: Add your Piggy API key In the Fydelia OnDemand portal, open password locker and click “Add Entry” Enter your API Bearer Token. When a valid token is entered you can choose the shop and subscription type Click Update Provider If you wish to segment your data from multiple locations, use the CLONE tool to create multiple Password Locker […]

How to enable automatic email validation

With Fydelia you do not need to send an email to a guest for them to validate their email. It can be done silently and very accurately with our “Automated Email Validation” feature. To enable this feature: That’s it. Fydelia will now ensure that your guests enter an email that does actually exist. If it doesn’t, Fydelia will kindly ask the guest to check their email for a typo and try again.

Age-based marketing redirects

With Fydelia you can now target age groups with customized marketing messages after WiFi login. This will increase campaign engagement by making your offers more relevant for your guests. To get started, edit your splash page and click EDIT on the login form: In the CONTINUE URL section make sure you have the override set: Below that you can now add ranges for your preferred age groups: Notes: