The WiFi incentive

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The WiFi incentive

WiFi is a powerful way to start a conversation with a customer, but let’s not forget that the reverse is also true. A customer can nag the poor unsuspecting waiter or waitress for the latest spring deals, voucher codes, upcoming two-for-one offers and so on. But if every customer did that, food would certainly be arriving cold, if at all.

Incentivising the customer to hop on to WiFi is a great way to keep that business traveller’s thumb busy while you serve them up a delicious cocktail. They’ll be quickly educated too on what delights you have in store if they were only to pop back tomorrow evening, or at the weekend for your jazz evening.

So just ticking the WiFi box and letting your MailChimp account fill up really isn’t going to cut it. It might meet some marketing roadmap objectives, but will only come into its own if the customer gets value out of it, and they’ll only get that if they know it’s there.

Shout out your WiFi offering in return for goodies that will keep your customers coming back!