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Creating a MikroTik Hotspot on a VLAN

(See also Setting up Fydelia HotSpot on your MikroTik Routerboard) To create a HotSpot on a VLAN, follow these steps: From the left menu click BRIDGE Add a new bridge.  We’ll call this “bridge-hotspot”: Click Apply and OK Click the PORTS tab Add a new port: Assign your desired VLAN (vlan 10 in this case) to the bridge you created in the previous step Click Apply and OK This means that, during your HotSpot setup, you […]

Applying an SSL Certiificate to your MikroTik HotSpot

When a guest logs in to your Fydelia splash page, Fydelia will submit the login form back to the MikroTik hotspot.  Therefore, if you’re using Fydelia with the secure HTTPS protocol (this is default and recommended), it is essential to ensure that the hotspot has a valid SSL certificate. If you do not have a valid SSL certificate, the guest will receive security warnings when submitting the form. STEP 1: Upload your cert files From […]

Guest internet Voucher coupon generation on MikroTik

When you create new vouchers on the Fydelia portal in conjunction with MikroTik hardware, you will need to create Users and User Profiles on the RouterBoard that correspond with the various voucher durations. For example if you create a 1 day voucher (1440 minutes), you must ensure that a user exists named “Fydelia_1440”. NOTE: This works for any duration, even custom ones.  Just make sure that the format of the username is always Fydelia_<time_in_minutes> The […]

Guest Email validation with MikroTik

With Fydelia splash pages you can enable email validation, which will provide temporary access to a guest while they validate their email.  Once validated, they will gain longer uninterrupted access to the internet with criteria that you specify. In this guide we will set up two separate users and profiles in MikroTik: A user and profile for the initial “grace” period A user and profile for Fydelia to use for the full session time after […]

Creating a Fydelia captive HotSpot portal on a MikroTik RouterBoard

MikroTik RouterBoard External Captive Portal Setup IMPORTANT: Fydelia does not support V7.x due to known issues with the firmware.  Fydelia has been tested against V6.48.1.  This document will be updated when MikroTik have released a patch. This device works in a slightly different way to the traditional approach.  When a hotspot is enabled, some splash page files are created on the router.  In order to support an External Captive Portal such as Fydelia, you need […]