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Cisco Meraki

How to set up a captive portal with Cisco Meraki Cisco Meraki is one of the easiest platforms to configure.  There are no settings required on the Fydelia side.  Follow these steps to get set up: Preparation You will need: Setup 1. Go to Wireless and choose Access Control 2. On the Access Control page, select “open” 3. Walled Garden Under Advanced Splash Settings, enable the walled garden and enter the domain 4. In the […]

Cisco Mobility Express

External Captive Portal with Cisco Mobility Express This guide was tested with a Cisco Aeronet AP1852E-K9 with Mobility Express 8.10.185 : There are only a few steps in order to get your Fydelia OnDemand splash page working with Cisco Mobility Express: ACL/Walled garden In these steps we’ll create a new ACL entry for Open Security Settings: Click “Add new ACL” Give it a name such as Fydelia Click “Add URL Rules” Enter with […]