Instant Provisioning with PlasmaCloud- A world first

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Instant Provisioning with PlasmaCloud- A world first

In late 2019 Fydelia embarked on a rather different approach to Guest WiFi installations. It all began at the 2019 Restaurant and Bar Tech show in London when we met Marek Linder, the CEO of Plasma Cloud. Marek’s vision was unique – to provide a marketplace of applications from within their Plasma Cloud network controller, where you could purchase subscriptions to network-related services right there in the portal.

To understand how unique this proposition was, it is worth taking a step back and looking at how the process usually works. A venue (bar, restaurant, hotel, etc) would like to capture customer opt-in marketing data via WiFi, so they approach an IT support company. The IT support company scour the web looking for solutions, and find Fydelia create a demo splash page using the branding of the venue as a guide (it takes about 15 minutes). If accepted, the IT company schedule in changes to the network so that guests are redirected to the Fydelia splash page.

Although the Fydelia piece is extremely quick, all the to-and-fro between the IT company and the venue can usually take 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

That’s why Marek’s vision is so compelling, because it has the potential to significantly reduce this lead time.

Fydelia took this one step further and, with tight integration between Plasma Cloud and Fydelia, the creation of a demo splash page is fully automated. In just a few clicks, the IT engineer has a full end-to-end Guest WiFi system working and delivered to the client. The page is, of course, just a demo but with Fydelia’s WordPress-based design tools, the IT engineer or the venue themselves can easily make changes to the design.

By the end of Q1 2020 the first integration beta was complete and clients invited to use it. Since then Fydelia has become a key service in providing Guest WiFi to the Plasma Cloud eco system.

If you would like a demo page created just click below and provide us with a website which best reflects your brand. There are no setup fees and no obligations. Try it now: