Fydelia services go free

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Fydelia services go free

Over the last 3 years Fydelia has enjoyed phenomenal success with rapid growth in to Europe, USA and Australia. However given the current economic landscape carved by COVID-19, it is clear that the Hospitality and F&B industry sectors are suffering.  We already saw a drop of 22.2% on restaurant attendance during Febuary, yet the fact that this has only really begin to bite, and that the worst is yet to come.   With the UK Government advising people to stay at home, WiFi systems for collecting essential re-marketing data is going to be all but wiped out for a short time.

For this reason, we have decided to globally suspend all billing for services for the whole of Q2 2020.  That’s April to June inclusive where Fydelia will not charge for services to its direct clients including:

  • Oracle Symphony Gift & Loyalty portal integration
  • Legacy Micros iCare integration
  • WiFi Services

Clients under long-term agreements will be approached to discuss short-term alternative arrangements.  New clients will also benefit, of course, and will enjoy an initial 3 month free period.  We have limited control over your reseller arrangements but will be encouraging them to follow suit.

We always look to building long-term relationships with our clients and hope that this will go some way to reducing the impact to your business.

If you have any questions our team is here to help:

Tel: (+44) 203-368-8870

Email: support@fydelia.com

Stay safe!

Steve Parkinson
CEO, Fydelia.com