Don’t steal data, ask for it

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Don’t steal data, ask for it

The Dark Art of Audience Segmentation

Until now the underpinning method for audience building and segmenting is to simply capture as much data about customers as possible. It’s a dark art that, as we have now seen many times, can cause massive damage to a brand once those methods have been exposed.

Since the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, customers are far more prudent as to what data they are willing to exchange in return for offers and promotions. Facebook login methods are returning less and less information as time goes by (known as deprecation), and that’s assuming that the data provided by the users is even accurate. Sniffing data covertly like age, gender, birthdate, interests, likes, even sites they are visiting (yes, some competitors actually do that) may result in one big privacy car crash, a pissed off customer and perhaps you on a split-screen with a CNN anchor.

Now, as a customer, you’ve been there right? You just want to post a video of your children bouncing on a trampoline or climbing an indoor wall, but you’re invited to login via Facebook, or fill in 10 fields on the login form, and there you have it: within seconds you don’t trust that venue anymore.

Fydelia takes a different approach. We believe that if you need to know something about your customers, just ask them, and explain WHY you’re asking them! Why do you need to know the birth date of a customer who just wants to check their LinkedIn? So that they can agree to receive a birthday gift to them. Why do you need a valid email address entered? Because they will get a free coffee if they complete the WiFi Stamps card, and so on.

People are more likely to fill in your micro surveys and forms with accurate data if they could simply understand the reasons you’re asking. So when you’re designing your WiFi splash page, remember these key points:

  • Explain why you’re asking them
  • Provide clear “skip” options for sensitive data
  • Always offer something in return. Free WiFi is NOT a gift

Fydelia has many ways to achieve this, with:

  • 100% customisable forms
  • Branded WiFi Stamp cards
  • Surveys
  • Customisable button options
  • Birthday popup
  • Customisable marketing opt in popup

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Oh and If you want to know what that customer does after logging in to WiFi, maybe it’s time to take a long hard look at yourself. Remember – Happy customer, happy brand.

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