Case Study: Great Northern Group

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Case Study: Great Northern Group

An interview with…

Ash Dilks

Marketing Manager
Great Northern Group

Why did you leave your current provider?

We needed something more dynamic, and something that talked to the additional channels within our digital marketing strategy.

The feature to generate Facebook audiences is gold dust to us. The ability to target people, via Facebook ads, who have physically visited our restaurants and used the wifi is highly valuable.

Did giving you free service until your contract ran out influence your decision to move?

Yes 100%. We like working with companies that have a long term vision for our relationship. Bringing all our venues on board in one wave, meaning several free months services were provided, meant the whole operation much easier to articulate to site managers and stakeholders.

What was the deal maker – the #1 compelling reason to move to

Positive, can-do attitude to problem solving and customer focus. I came to Fydelia with a number of processes and customer journeys I wanted to achieve, some providers prefer the easy option of “it doesn’t really work like that” but Fydelia worked with us to find ways it could work and we’ve created a really powerful marketing tool for our businesses.

What key aspects of your marketing have improved since moving to Fydelia?

Audience building, both on our mailing lists, facebook pages and ultimately on our app.

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