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Adding a certificate to a Fortigate Captive portal to prevent browser errors

Enable the Certificates feature If you are unable to see Certificates under the System menu, enable it here: Go to System -> Feature Visibility Enable it: Install your certificate Go to System -> Certificates and choose Local Certificate: Upload your certificate file: NOTE: You can use Fydelia’s wildcard certificate if needed, which will provide SSL for the domain: “”. Contact us for more information. Once installed, open User & Authentication -> Authentication Settings Select your […]

Creating a FortiNet External Captive Portal

Prerequisites CREATE AN SSID Under “WiFi & Switch Controller” click SSIDs Click Create New -> SSID SSID and DHCP Enter a name for your SSID (you will enter the actual broadcast network name further down) Also enter your desired IP range for guest devices and enable DHCP: WIRELESS NETWORK SETTINGS Pay attention to these steps, as the captive redirect will not work without them 1) SSID Name Under WiFi Settings enter an SSD Name, such […]