Defaut template

Instant provision of a new account

You can instantly create a new trial subscription based on a clone of any other splash page in your accounts. In your splash page list, find any splash page that you want to clone and use as a basis for the new account. Hover the settings wheel and select the new “Clone to account” option: Enter your preferred account name (This is the name that you wish to appear in your accounts selector dropdown in […]

Custom domains and white labelling

You can create your own subdomain to white-label the guest WiFi experience. To get set up just point your subdomain to the IP: When done we will: The service has a yearly fee of £250/year Contact us now to get set up!

Adding another account user

You can easily delegate roles to your team by inviting them to the Fydelia platform. This allows you to provide access to splash page management to your marketing team, so that they can manage promotions, seasonal offers and so on, without them necessarily having access to the customer data. Video HowTo Here’s how to add an account user to your Fydelia portal: