Defaut template

Instant provision of a new account

You can instantly create a new trial subscription based on a clone of any other splash page in your accounts. In your splash page list, find any splash page that you want to clone and use as a basis for the new account. Hover the settings wheel and select the new “Clone to account” option: Enter your preferred account name (This is the name that you wish to appear in your accounts selector dropdown in […]

Downloading your invoices

For resellers on our automated billing system, you can find your invoices here: Log in to the ondemand portal Click PORTAL Click LICENCES AND DEMOS Click the LIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS tab Choose the calendar month that you need invoices for In the popup you can download the invoice for the corresponding account

Managing your subscription

A subscription can be managed while you are in Trial mode. Log in to the portal Click PORTAL Licences and DEMOS Click the LICENCES, tab (If you don’t see it, check this how-to article on starting a trial) Click the subscriptions icon You can then manage your subscription Note that your subscription will not start correctly until you have saved your preferences.

Starting a 14-day trial

You can start a trial once you have created a new client demo page (click here for the how-to): Log in to the portal Click PORTAL Licences and DEMOS Find your client demo page under the “Demo Pages” tab Click the “PLAY” icon You will see this popup Choose the industry Click START TRIAL Your trial account is listed under LICENCES, marked as “Trial agreed” IMPORTANT:  The status will only change to “Trial started” when Fydelia […]