It’s time to SWITCH!

SWITCH to Fydelia now and have the service free until your existing contract runs out

Move now to and we will not charge you until your existing contract with another provider runs out.

If you have a number of venues, we’ll also give you a staggered start, aligning the renewal date of all your venues to the same date.

  • Get live now with Fydelia and don’t start paying until your existing contract runs out
  • No obligation to continue after the free term
  • Reduce your costs with our per-venue charges
  • Align all your venues, pro-rated, to the same renewal date
  • No setup fees
  • No Fydelia-specific hardware required
  • No metering or hidden charges


* No obligation to continue with Fydelia after your free term expires
* Free technical assistance provided to assist with any required network settings
* Offer valid for all enquiries received until midnight GMT on Monday 30th November 2020
* Offer applies to bars, restaurants and coffee shops only
* Maximum of 9 months free before charges are applied
* Exclusive pricing will be applied yearly when your contract with us starts. Just £15 a month for coffee shops (based on 1 Access Point per venue) and £20 a month for bars and restaurants (based on up to 3 Access Points per venue)