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Seaview Holidays Resort

Fydelia have built a solution which gives businesses the ability to obtain customer data and provide a great service through a seamless splash page.

Josh Catton
Resort Director – Seaview Holidays

Fydelia has worked with Seaview Holidays for a number of years now. Here’s what they have to say…

1) What was a challenge before using Fydelia?

Prior to integration with Fydelia, we were unable to find a means to manage and customize a splash page for our customer facing wi-fi portal, we also needed a solution which offered both free and chargeable access. With Fydelia, the engineers worked with us to build a splash page which was user friendly, simple to manage and offer both free and chargeable packages.

2) How did you find the process of getting started with Fydelia?

I was regularly consulted by engineers of Fydelia during the integration process to ensure the product which would be delivered was tailored was meeting all of my requested features. The support team were always very helpful and prompt in response times.

3) What is life like now?

Customers demand WiFi on holiday in recent times, especially in their own private area following the COVID-19 pandemic and seeing reviews online about a holiday villages strong WiFi is hugely beneficial for attracts business customers, or other customers who greatly desire WiFi.

It is integral to have a simple, quick and painless sign up and activation terminal on your WiFi splash page. When a customer struggles accessing a network, it is quickly made apparent of their struggle – as it is so easy at home or on a private network, and this creates a bad tone for their holiday as many customers post reviews after their stay adding details about WiFi.

Therefore having a painless and simple customer facing splash page/sign up backed up by good connection and (broadband) speeds the customer is pleased and will post a positive review about their experience leaving a higher rating against our online listing.

The team is helpful, responsive and very prompt through the set-up and after-sales period.

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