Ping Pong Restaurants

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Ping Pong Restaurants

I highly recommend working with Fydelia, not just for their innovative system but for the responsiveness, knowledge, and personable approach of the team. Steve & Tom are top people to work with!

Gaia Cionnini
Marketing Manager

Steve, our CEO, values long term sustainable relationships and Ping Pong is no exception. He has known Art Sagiryan, the CEO, since 2012 working on exciting projects such as their popular Now Street Food concept and an entire rebuild of one of their websites. We’re thrilled to now be working with them on Fydelia guest WiFi innovations. Over to Gaia who explains how it’s going after over 10 years together…

1) What was a challenge before using Fydelia?

What we had in place before was very basic, just a data capture form to fill.

2) How did you find the process of getting started with Fydelia?

Very straightforward, Steve was incredibly helpful and the pages designed were great and ready for the onboarding process, which was seamless from start to activation.

The team has been extremely helpful, they gave great recommendation on how to make the system more interactive and fun for our customers. They immediately caught the importance of maintaining a strong brand identity and worked to create bespoke activations aligning with the heart and soul of our brand.

3) What is life like now?

Working with Fydelia on our Chinese New year 2023 campaign was fun and productive. I am excited by the prospective of driving additional business to our sites, with conversion rates & return visits growing week on week.

Can’t wait to start working on the next campaign!

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