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Costa Coffee

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Tom Glass
Red and RACZ Ltd

In 2022 Fydelia began working with Red and RACZ Ltd, providing the guest WiFi for a large number of Costa Coffee outlets.

1) What was a challenge before using Fydelia?

We used O2 WiFi in our Costa Coffee stores, this contract came to an end and we needed an immediate turnkey solution, we had experience with UniFi so scheduled installation and deployment of Fydelia. Fydelia was easy, affordable and an ease to use.

2) How did you find the process of getting started with Fydelia?

Very straightforward, Steve and the team were incredibly helpful and the pages designed were great and ready for production instantly. We have since onboarded other brands within an hour.

3) What is life like now?

The improvement to the customer journey and ability to control the user flow has massively improved our customers’ experience in the store. Pairing this with the ability to deploy Fydelia on whatever broadband service we provide has allowed for much faster guest WiFi and a better customer experience.

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