Awen Cultural Trust

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Awen Cultural Trust

Friendly and prompt service, tailored to our needs. No hard sell.

Mark Phillips
Head of Infrastructure & Innovation – Awen Cultural Trust

Awen have a wide range of needs, from small venues to large outdoor spaces. We asked how we’re doing…

1) What was a challenge before using Fydelia?

We used O2 WiFi in Costa Coffee stores, this contract was ceased and we needed an immediate turnkey solution. We had experience wiWe were previously using three different guest WiFi solutions, each with its own idiosyncrasies (and higher costs).

2) How did you find the process of getting started with Fydelia?

From the start, the Fydelia team were friendly and willing to offer solutions tailored to our needs, without any hard sell.

3) What is life like now?

Much easier, with only one guest WiFi solution to manage.

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